Student Rules

* As the medium of instruction is English all students must speak in English with their classmates and companies . This is for the academic benefit of the students.
* All students should come to the college in cleal and proper uniform at least ten minutes before the assembly . Latecomers may be debarred from entering the school premises /classes.
* At the first bell must move immediately towards their class for assembly.
* No student who has been absent from school or is five minutes late will be allowed to enter rhe class without the permission of the principal . Fine may be imposed on late comers.
* It is necessary to observe complete silence when changing classes for games , P.T. , Library and other subjects. Sturients should always move in single line and keep to the left while moving along the corridors and going down the stairs.
* Irregular attendance , unjustified or unexplained absence of more than a week , habitual idleness , disobedience , malpractice in connection with examination justify dismissal . Students are responsible to the college authorities for their conduct both in and out of the college.
* All students must be regular and punctual to the college and the college activities . No one is allowed to leave the college without permission.
* Student are not allowed to leave the classrooms at the end of the period . Running , shooting or playing inside the college bilding is not allowed.
* Students are not allowed to take part in any political or other organization likely to result in violence and communal disturbance.
* Every body should endeavour to keep up the good name of the school by excelling in studies and etiquette . Students shall not bring any objects to the school campus that can disturb its peaceful atmosphere.
* Students shall be friendly with one another in and out of school . They should avoid vulgarity in Speech and behavior.
* When the bell has rung for change of period , students are expected to open their subject books and study till the teacher arrives . In case a teacher does not come within five minutes , then the second monitor shall report it to the office and the first monitor shall be responsible for order and discipline in the class teacher comes.
* Keep the campus clean and green . This ought to be the attitude of every student . There fore take care of the campus .Do not litter the school premises , corridors and classrooms with lunch Scraps , fruit peels , polythene bags , napkins etc. Make use of the dustbins.
* All students shall show respect and obedience to Principal ,the staff members , the captains , and the monitors . Hence any act of insolence or disrespect , answering back , contempt etc. will be taken seriously either to be suspended of dismissed.
* Students should not spoil the beauty of the school building by scribbling on the walls, plucking plants , Leaves , flowers etc. * No books or magazines other than those prescribed shall be brought to the school premises.
* No collection of funds shall be started without the express permission of the Principal . No gift shall be offered to the teachers or students.
* Students shall attend all the periods of the day . Permission will not be granted to leave the classes for attending reJigious or social functions or going on journey holidaying . * Students who do not attend all the classes of the day shall forfeit that day’s attendance.
* Every leave granted to the students at the request of the parents through the principal shall be entered in the leave record page and signed by the parents.
* Every students is required to have 85% attendance of the total number of working days . No student is allowed to appear for promotion examination unless he/she has the required Percentage of attendance 85%.
* Students shall read newspapers and note down important news headlines . A students who comes to read the day’s news headlines shall be well prepared . He/She should have the approval of the class teacher.
* Students shall not enter any classroom other than their own or shall not remain in classrooms during the recess.
* While going from one classroom to another for special subject , all shall move in an orderly manner under the supervision of their teachers.
* No student suffering from communicable or contagious or infectious disease shall be permitted to attend the school unless certified by a competent medical practitioner.
* Gifts to the members of the staff or other demonstrations in their honour , require prior Sanction by the Principal.
* Students must attend physical education , games and other activities outside the classrooms. Once on the playground nobody may return to the classroom without permission.
* Personal cleanliness is expected of all students .The school uniform worn by students must be clean , neatly pressed ,shoes polished ,finger nails clipped and hair neatly combed.
* Discolored uniform , owrn –out socks and shoes should be avoided . A student may be sent home for lack of personal cleanliness . untidy hair , dirty clothes and shoes.
* Private tuition is discouraged . Parents/ guardians may not make private arrangement for tuition with the members of the staff without consulting the Principal . No tuition shall be undertaken by any teacher student one month prior to the annual examination.

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